ERIH – The European Route of Industrial Heritage
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The European Route of Industrial Heritage is an umbrella organisation for the marketing and promotion of European Industrial Heritage tourism.

Currently we present 1,315 sites in 45 European countries, of which, around 90 are ‘Anchor Points’ which act as gateways to ERIH’s ‘virtual’ main route. There are also 19 Regional Routes through which visitors can discover the industrial history of these landscapes in detail. All sites relate to 13 European Theme Routes which demonstrate the diversity of European industrial history and its common roots.

ERIH is a network for experts and the general public. Our members are heritage organisations and associations, museums and industrial heritage sites, individual persons and public authorities.

ERIH’s aims are to raise overall awareness of our common European industrial heritage; encourage the exchange of experience; strengthen European cooperation; attract new audiences, develop new formats for events and increase appreciation of Industrial Heritage as an important aspect of cultural heritage.