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Mad’in Europe is a Brussels based company, supporting European know-how in the areas of traditional and fine crafts and in the restoration of cultural heritage as part of European intangible heritage but also as important actor in European economic and social development.  New global trends in design, fashion, architecture and decoration are sometimes more a threat that a support to the survival of local traditional crafts, diversity and knowhow.

Mad’in Europe’s challenges are to: conciliate the safeguard of territorial identities and traditions with the need of innovation and the integration of modern technologies in the sector of crafts; create awareness among the public about the importance of keeping know-how in traditional crafts alive; encourage the transmission of know-how to new generations.

The multilingual portal “” is connecting professional craftsmen to an international audience of architects, designers, retailers, museums curators, historic houses owners and other private consumers. The makers are selected in the areas of wood, glass, stone & gesso, ceramic, textile, gold & silver, metals, painting, paper and publishing crafts.

Their activities are feeding the sectors of building, architecture, design, fashion, interior design, historic monument restoration but also those of leisure, health & beauty, tourism & culture.

Mad’in Europe is member of the World Craft Council Europe and collaborates with many European established institutions.